How We See News Through Social Media

From Pew Research Center: How the public sees, shares and shapes news through social media. In terms of social news sources a few key facts of note: Roughly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults use Facebook, and half of those users get news there — amounting to 30% of the general population. Surprisingly, YouTube is the nextContinue reading “How We See News Through Social Media”

Journalism Visualized Through Animated Editorial

This month’s Columbia Journalism Review highlights Illustrated Press, a Chicago-based outfit that uses comics to bring stories to life. Their form of animated journalism is an area to watch, combining non fiction reporting with sequential art. According to CJR, other pioneers such as The Cartoon Picayune and Symbolia continue to push the format in partContinue reading “Journalism Visualized Through Animated Editorial”

Getty: Betting On Image Insights

Getty Images, one the world’s largest providers of commercial photography, is placing bets on behavioral data in addition to image licensing. According to BusinessWeek, the move might be more about straightforward economics than visionary thinking. “The number of photographs in circulation climbs toward infinity, and the price that each one fetches falls toward zero. As aContinue reading “Getty: Betting On Image Insights”