This Revolution Won’t Be Televised

You can say a lot of things about the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election, but one thing can’t be argued: Our collective media interest is cresting. According to figures reported today, Fox News delivered the highest-rated quarter ever in cable news, growing 27 percent in total day viewers compared to last year. CNN alsoContinue reading “This Revolution Won’t Be Televised”

Rethinking The Creative Studio

The creative potential of mobile platforms is growing, and still largely untapped I grew up fully immersed in commercial art. My Dad was a partner in the aptly named Graphic House, a Detroit-based studio that created the raw material for car marketing and advertising. He brought me to his office quite a bit. Far from theContinue reading “Rethinking The Creative Studio”

Visual Influence: Moving from Trend to Truism

“Essentially [gifs are] a whole new method of communication. If people are talking in this content and using it to replace words, strategically that means you can create a branded language. And you can one way or another get billions of people to communicate with one another through your content. We’re serving in places thatContinue reading “Visual Influence: Moving from Trend to Truism”

How We See News Through Social Media

From Pew Research Center: How the public sees, shares and shapes news through social media. In terms of social news sources a few key facts of note: Roughly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults use Facebook, and half of those users get news there — amounting to 30% of the general population. Surprisingly, YouTube is the nextContinue reading “How We See News Through Social Media”