Media Genius

Media is getting smarter. So should you. Tech and media have always evolved together. From Gutenberg to Radio to Television, changes in technology wrought changes in media, always accompanied by massive shifts in behaviors and social conventions. At the birth of the World Wide Web, that cycle of change went into overdrive, launching a Moore’s LawContinue reading “Media Genius”

This Revolution Won’t Be Televised

You can say a lot of things about the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election, but one thing can’t be argued: Our collective media interest is cresting. According to figures reported today, Fox News delivered the highest-rated quarter ever in cable news, growing 27 percent in total day viewers compared to last year. CNN alsoContinue reading “This Revolution Won’t Be Televised”

Are Marketers Ready for the Next Master Switch in Media?

That the Internet has truly become the fabric of our lives means we are sooner or later in for a very jarring turn of history’s wheel.— Tim Wu, The Master Switch, The Rise and Fall of Information Empires Wu’s foreshadowing is very much of the moment, thanks to the rise of platforms playing media gatekeeperContinue reading “Are Marketers Ready for the Next Master Switch in Media?”