Media Genius

Media is getting smarter. So should you. Tech and media have always evolved together. From Gutenberg to Radio to Television, changes in technology wrought changes in media, always accompanied by massive shifts in behaviors and social conventions. At the birth of the World Wide Web, that cycle of change went into overdrive, launching a Moore’s LawContinue reading “Media Genius”

Why we teamed up with Flipside

I spent this week in London doing something I love about this business — partnering with people who have both bold vision and the wherewithal to bring it to life. The people in this case are the principals of Flipside, a pioneering mobile agency joining Weber Shandwick. The addition helps us address the pressing need to rethinkContinue reading “Why we teamed up with Flipside”

100+ Assignments Later…10 Honest Takes On Content Marketing

It’s distinct, immature, still misunderstood. But if you’re fully invested, there’s a powerful business case. Photo by Leif Eliasson As media of all kind enters a new era, branded content has pushed its way to the front of marketing conversations. There’s an influx of investment — and, in parallel, increased scrutiny on its impact. Having been in the centerContinue reading “100+ Assignments Later…10 Honest Takes On Content Marketing”