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  • Solve for X, or Else

    Agencies need to prioritize solving new problems over the easy sell Rarely does a day go by without a jarring, technology-induced headline suggesting that too much change is happening way too fast. As Alvin Toffler predicted almost 50 years ago in Future Shock, a new, technology-altered reality and sense of disorientation is setting in. As I […]

  • What Innovators Do

    I am trying something new, don’t know how it will go. but here it is:) https://t.co/1noGMiZ5sC — Thom Yorke (@thomyorke) September 26, 2014

  • Getty: Betting On Image Insights

    Getty Images, one the world’s largest providers of commercial photography, is placing bets on behavioral data in addition to image licensing. According to BusinessWeek, the move might be more about straightforward economics than visionary thinking. “The number of photographs in circulation climbs toward infinity, and the price that each one fetches falls toward zero. As a […]