Media Threats Go Mainstream,

A New Model for Media Security, The Search for Reliable Information Revisited, 2021 Recap of the Recaps, Media Now a Security Concern, The Reaction Factory, DeepFakes on Demand, Information Disorder is Everyone’s Problem , Advantage of the Digitally Fluent, The Next Turn in Digital Media, True Believers, Media as a Live Canvas, Infodemiology 101, A Case for Optimism, You Can’t Solve if You Can’t See (#BLM),

2020: What Comes After the Coherence Crash, The Gift That Keeps on Giving, Everybody Was Wrong, Events Make the Big Pivot, Back to School By the Numbers, Building a Futures Literacy, The Search for Reliable Information Revisited, Embracing Generation Zoom, Getting Media Intelligent, About Media IQ, Quantifying Life 2.0, Intelligence in the COVID era, The Search for Reliable Information, Part 2, COVID-19: The Search for Reliable Information, Earning Social Credit in China, You Can’t Solve if You Can’t See, Something’s Gotta Give

2019: The Latest (Unlikely) Media Breakthrough, The Participatory Mindset, Renegotiating Attention, The Age of Ambient Computing, Part of Fred’s Team, The Well Being Experiment, Innovation vs. Implication, DTC: Growth Path for All Brands, Strange Ways: Part 2, Regifting Data, We Must Solve, The Long View, Shifting Sentiments, (Thoughtful) Embrace of Game-Changing Tech, A Social Media Hiatus, Media Haves and Have-Nots, Putting Insights to Work, The Largest “Human” Gathering Nobody Went To, Fake Regulations, Platforms for Good, Seeing What’s in Front of Us


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