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Regifting Data: 12/19/19

We spend every day willingly and unwillingly providing a mammoth amount of data to platforms and corporations. In the last few years, a December tradition has emerged. A select handful of our data is packaged and presented back to us in the form of end-of-year summaries and reflections on our media behavior.

Strange Ways: Part 2: 12/13/19

Headlines 2019 proved that things just keep getting weirder and weirder. We’re paying attention to them for increasingly brief amounts of time.

DTC: Growth Path for All Brands: 12/5/19

New online retailers profit at speed due to the shift in the way they’re built. Their data-driven, mobile first, community-led cores indicate core components for all brands to align with platforms as primary attention merchants.

Innovation vs. Implication: 11/25/19

Every company wants to be innovative, but the need to anticipate unintended implications from technologies has become a new driver for a quickly growing position — implication officers.

The Well Being Experiment: 11/14/19

Social networks including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter recently announced experiments aimed at improving mental health and general well-being among users. It’s foreshadows more intentional strategies among technology developers to profit from improved mental and physical health.

Part of Fred’s Team: 11/5/19

Fred Lebow’s ability to sense and shape a new trend breathed new life into New York City when he founded the first New York Marathon. Encouraging thousands of people to jog through all five boroughs was seen as ridiculous, even dangerous. But now, the race serves as a reassuring sign of life even in dark times for the city and the world. 

The Age of Ambient Computing: 10/18/19

Google announced a slew of product introductions to drive more ambient computing experiences. The underlying strategy centers on two key themes: democratization and harmonization. Democratization about lowering the barriers of access as close to free as possible; harmonization is about enabling interoperability and intelligence between devices to enable consistent and new experiences.

Renegotiating Attention: 10/3/2019

With the promise of audio from friends and assistants seamlessly popping into our consciousness throughout the day, you have to wonder — How are we going to have any attention left to give?

A Year Later: 9/9/2019

250+ examples analyzed in Media/Genius show emerging media tech and resulting culture shifts altered everything from to healthcare to retail to education and beyond in the past year. Despite the diversity of topics covered the abundantly clear bottom-line is that we need to embrace these new advances. They leave no sector untouched. 

The Latest (Unlikely) Media Breakthrough: 8/2/19

Fortnite is the latest example of a breakthrough innovation happening before our eyes. Epic Games staged the first ever Fortnite World Cup Finals pulled in an audience of 2 million viewers who watched a 16-year-old win almost 50 percent more than Tiger Woods did for winning the Masters.

The Participatory Mindset: 7/19/19

At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Executive Editor Adam Lashinsky opened the event with the disclaimer that we were all participants in a three-day live journalism event — meaning all was on the record. The event included on stage interviews, live-streamed audience interactions, live social posts, conversational online platforms, daily newsletter updates and coverage on Publications are transitioning from planned, closed mediums to live, open, collaborative platforms. This same participatory mindset is being applied in marketing as well.

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