NOVEMBER 2014 Updates

  • Machinima Rebrands Its Gaming Network to Focus on Original Programming (and gives contributors a new suite of tools to make them more prolific programmers) NextWeb
  • Google YouTube Stars Media Campaign of the Year (its stars saw big benefits from it) Adweek

OCTOBER 2014 Updates

  • Watch 8 Films That Show What Drone Film Making Could Look Like (look for brands to jump on board) Indiewire
  • The New Yorker Unveils Its First Animated GIF Cover (nice, subtle design treatment) Taxi
  • Ten Stop Motion Artists Doing Brilliant Work for Brands on Vine (different but growing type of engagement) Adweek
  • Animator vs Animation IV (a tale about creations taking over) Alan Becker
  • A Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Takes Phone for A Spin (professional grade creations becoming easier by the day). PetaPixel
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s Favorite Seinfeld Emoji Baffles Him (evolving language of digital foreign to most, even personally confusing). Mashable
  • 11 Beautiful Psychedelic GIFs Created By a Math Wiz (David Whyte uses cosines and exponentials the way Toulouse-Lautrec used oil paints.”Wired
  • MIT Launches Laboratory For Social Machines with Twitter Investment (speed of digital ecosystem evolution far outpacing tools to understand it) MIT
  • Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling, Visualized (reading Creativity, Inc., in parallel. Great tale on creative org culture, systems, expectation-setting and output) Fast Company

SEPTEMBER 2014 Updates

  • Nine Digital Marketing Tips for Connecting with Teens (hint: they want to see it versus be told about it). CIO Magazine
  • The Economics of Internet Comedy Videos (community focus a must) Splitsider
  • Newsfeed Algorithms: Are They Really a Remedy to Information Surplus? (I vote no, so far) Content Alley
  • Collaboration is Hard – or Scarce Resources in a Time of Technological Abundance (@MickeyMcManus a master of unconventional perspective) Auto Desk Labs
  • Thom York Releases New Album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes Through BitTorrent (Tip @mattmason) Consequence of Sound
  • One Secret To Success of Quartz, Buzzfeed and Gawker: They Look at News as a Service (brand publishers take note) Gigaom
  • Mobile Video has Jumped 400 Percent in the Last Two Years (and still nascent stage material) Adweek
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