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  • Native success is not about advertising — it’s all about content. Just ask President Obama

    The debate over native advertising reached peak volume this weekend at SXSW 2015 — Plenty more on blurred lines, if new content formats are news/not news, proliferation of in-house media studios, and plenty more. As shared last week I see the single biggest — and most under-recognized — challenge is the need to think native. Not in the sense of advertising. […]

  • Thoughts on Visual Influence

    If you touch media, marketing or PR in 2015, hang on for a wild ride. Cultural influence will continue to speed ahead to the benefit of an expanding universe of socially networked, visually-minded creators. Think consumer generated content we’ve seen to date — on steroids. As more of our media time moves to mobile our appetite for visual content, particularly from […]

  • Don’t Underutilize Your Best Social Media Resource — Employees

    The power of social media lies in finding and building connections between like-minded people. Conceptually, this aligns with how companies think about it for business purposes, and they continue to throw more money into the practice. Investments in building “communities” on major social networks continue to escalate this year. Budgets assigned to social analytics to […]