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  • Are Marketers Ready for the Next Master Switch in Media?

    That the Internet has truly become the fabric of our lives means we are sooner or later in for a very jarring turn of history’s wheel.— Tim Wu, The Master Switch, The Rise and Fall of Information Empires Wu’s foreshadowing is very much of the moment, thanks to the rise of platforms playing media gatekeeper […]

  • Visual Influence: Moving from Trend to Truism

    “Essentially [gifs are] a whole new method of communication. If people are talking in this content and using it to replace words, strategically that means you can create a branded language. And you can one way or another get billions of people to communicate with one another through your content. We’re serving in places that […]

  • Sustainable Engagement in a Content-Polluted World

    I talked to Mumbrella, an Asia-based media and marketing publication, about content pollution and how brands can build sustainable, successful engagement with consumers. Some key points: Ultimately, brands have got to give people what they want. But it’s hard for brands to compete on entertainment values in any sustainable way. Brands can offer value, perspective […]

  • Staying on the Right Side of the Curve

    How do you know it’s time to reinvent yourself? For Fortune, I shared the mental checklist I’ve used for the past 15+ years to make sure the work I’m doing is where the growth, innovation, and action are. The root of the question for me is more fundamental: “Am I in the game, and by […]

  • Introducing Media Decoded: More Than a Sandbox

    At Weber Shandwick, we like to build new things. Or, maybe better put, we feel an obligation to explore by doing to understand digital media change and its implications for clients. We know lessons are learned in the trenches — the continuous exploration of hypothesizing, hitting, missing and improving the work we make. Some insights learned driving […]

  • Vivian Schiller on Media Innovation, Now and in the Future

    As media résumés go, they don’t come more distinguished than Vivian Schiller’s. After starting as a production assistant at Turner Broadcasting, she climbed the ranks to become head of CNN’s documentary unit in 1998. After running a joint venture of The New York Times and Discovery Communications from 2002 to 2006, Schiller joined The Times […]

  • Social CEOs: From Marginal to Mainstream

    With five years of research into CEOs using social media under our belt, our team has seen this space evolve to a perhaps unexpected place. I go into detail on Forbes, with a specific angle on the increasing importance of visuals in the content mix: From a PR perspective, the ascendance of visual influence requires […]

  • Doc Searls: Why The Internet Is Not a Medium

    A full 15 years after the publication of the book “The Cluetrain Manifesto,” Doc Searls stopped by our New York office to reflect on how far we’ve come (or not), where media are headed, and what CMOs can do to start realizing the full potential of the Internet. Chris Perry: “Cluetrain” was so timely and […]

  • Visual Influence: More Than a 2015 Trend

    I wrote recently for Forbes, breaking down the importance of visual influence: This visual influence shift is not exclusively happening to the benefit of YouTube under a monopoly of new media mega stars. A long tail of niche creators with community followings on networks like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine now hold increasing sway too. Creators […]

  • What Obama Knows About Content That You (Probably) Don’t

    Like him or not, his team’s approach to marketing their ideas is worth examining. I take a look at their strategy and execution for The Drum, noting: “Tune-in power — even for the President of the United States — is diminishing. We need to go to where the audience is. This is increasingly fractured and unfamiliar territory.” Somewhat of […]