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Sustainable Engagement in a Content-Polluted World


I talked to Mumbrella, an Asia-based media and marketing publication, about content pollution and how brands can build sustainable, successful engagement with consumers. Some key points:

Ultimately, brands have got to give people what they want. But it’s hard for brands to compete on entertainment values in any sustainable way. Brands can offer value, perspective and information around areas that are credible to the brand, and the company behind the brand.

…Many brands have had the ability to package their stories and push them out, broadcasting their way into people’s living rooms. But it’s much more complex now. You have to build an engaging environment.

There will undoubtedly be content pollution out there. But work that still has value behind it has viability.

More here, and a lot more to come on this topic from us.

Chris Perry is Chief Digital Officer of Weber Shandwick




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