On Perspective Agents

Staying on the Right Side of the Curve


How do you know it’s time to reinvent yourself? For Fortune, I shared the mental checklist I’ve used for the past 15+ years to make sure the work I’m doing is where the growth, innovation, and action are.

The root of the question for me is more fundamental: “Am I in the game, and by way of extension, is it where the action is going vs. where it’s been?”

I didn’t land at this view lightly. I’ve known the pain of ending up on the wrong side of the curve. But like any painful experience, I learned fundamental lessons that have served me extraordinarily well over time.

I go in to detail on those tough experiences over at Fortune. It’s the first time I’ve written about my transformative moment of becoming mindful of changes in play, and being proactive about being on the right side of those changes. But it probably won’t be the last.




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